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About Bethlehem Inn

We are a community-supported emergency shelter that provides a warm, safe place to sleep, nourishing meals, and case management services for adults and children experiencing homelessness in Central Oregon. This life-saving and life-changing work could NOT be done without the generosity of this community.

We envision Bethlehem Inn as a community-based facility, providing comprehensive services and resources needed to create a dignified and positive respite for those experiencing homelessness. We actively collaborate with partners to maximize effectiveness and encourage community support and engagement at many levels.

Core Operating Values

  • We serve with compassion those experiencing homelessness.
  • We acknowledge the individual dignity of each resident and work to preserve it always.
  • We require accountability from our residents, staff and board, and we are accountable to each other and to the community.
  • We work with integrity, inside the facility and in the community.
  • We do not judge client needs based on appearances; we help all who come willingly to Bethlehem Inn, subject to resources

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